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Give today to support sustainable organic farming!

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We are fundraising to support sustainable agriculture practices!

Missouri’s rural communities are struggling to find new income sources and ways to increase job creation and economic development. Organic and sustainable specialty crop production creates new opportunities to increase economic value and protect natural resources for present and future generations of rural communities.

Missouri farmers and producers exhibit an increasing interest in specialty crops, as well as in transition to certified organic, or to using more organic methods.

At the 2018 Organic and Non-GMO Forum in St. Louis, MO, the key takeaways were:

1) more health-conscious consumers are demanding their food come from organic origins; and

2) although a bushel of organic corn or soybeans value is three times that of the same GM crops, producers express the need for assistance to help them weather the initial economic challenges in organic farming. Education on available resources will empower these producers to adopt organic practices.

Many specialty crop producers in both rural and urban Missouri are exploring how to sell their more valuable organic products through wholesale distribution, Farmer’s Market sales and CSA’s. Producers require training and information to understand and utilize these different marketing options.

Growers respond to onsite, in-person learning opportunities. MOA possesses the capacity to offer educational experiences that, in turn, help growers increase their capacity for increased farm income, maintaining agricultural land in agricultural use, and sustaining life in rural America.

This is where we need YOU!

The Missouri Organic Association is a membership educational organization. Its mission is to advise, demonstrate, and support organic growers, and to help create a more ecologically sound food environment for all.

Donations to our organization support the production of these crucial learning opportunities and further our ability to be a resource to organic growers across the state.

Join MOA today in our mission to inspire, support, and empower through ecological principles!
Support local farmers and specialty crop growers all over Missouri 🌱

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